LISA 2020 Edited Book

"Developing Statistical Practice and Collaboration in Developing Countries”

The LISA 2020 Global Network announces our collaboration to publish an edited book to provide new insights into the current issues and opportunities in statistics education, statistical consulting and collaboration.

The main objective of our book "Developing Statistical Practice and Collaboration in Developing Countries” is to address the topics of individually contributed chapters from the perspectives of the historical context, the present state, and future directions of statistical training and practice. We aim to highlight challenges, opportunities, and innovations in the field of statistics, especially in developing countries across the world.

This book will serve as:

  • Reference point on statistical practice in developing countries for researchers, scholars, students and practitioners.

  • Comprehensive source of present and state of the art knowledge on creating statistical collaboration laboratories within the field of data science and statistics.

  • Collection of innovative statistical teaching and learning techniques in developing countries.

The proposed list of chapters includes:

  • Chapter 1: Statistics education and practice in developing countries: experiences, challenges and opportunities.

  • Chapter 2: Co-creating university-based statistical collaboration laboratories in the contemporary age: Collaboration across countries.

  • Chapter 3: Statistics education and women empowerment.

  • Chapter 4: Statistical teaching and capacity in business and industry.

  • Chapter 5: Statistical literacy in the workplace, government and across disciplines.

  • Chapter 6: Innovations in teaching probability and Bayesian statistics.

  • Chapter 7: Statistical literacy in the wider society

  • Chapter 8: New approaches to statistical learning in developing countries.

  • Chapter 9: Technology and multimedia in statistics collaboration

  • Chapter 10: Statistical consulting and collaboration techniques.

  • Chapter 11: Importance of statistics in urban planning and development

  • Chapter 12: Statistical collaboration in weather and climate research in developing countries

  • Chapter 13: Accelerating interdisciplinary statistical collaboration for environment and health in developing countries

  • Chapter 14: Concepts and practices of survey sampling theory and methods

  • Chapter 15: Statistical quality control and improvement

The editorial team includes:

  • Olawale Awe (Lead Editor; Anchor University, Lagos)*

  • Eric Vance (Co-lead Editor; University of Colorado Boulder)

  • Kim Love (Co-lead Editor; K. R. Love Quantitative Consulting and Collaboration)

  • Matthew Druckenmiller (Co-lead Editor; University of Colorado Boulder)

  • Doug Zahn (Guest Editor; Florida State University)

  • Jim Rosenberger (Guest Editor; Pennsylvania State University)

  • Jim Cochran (Guest Editor; University of Alabama)

* Contact Dr. Awe ( for more information about the LISA 2020 edited book.