Alexandria University, Egypt
LISA 2020 Network Full Member: 2020

Vision: The vision of the statistical collaboration laboratories is to empower purpose-driven statisticians to make a greater impact in their departments and colleges. These statisticians will be educated and trained to learn the essential skills that will unlock their collaborative potential and enable them to increase the impact of statistics.

  • Provide research infrastructure to enable and accelerate high impact research.

  • Engage with the community in outreach activities to improve statistical skills and literacy.

  • Train statisticians to become interdisciplinary collaborators.

    • Apply statistical thinking to make better decisions through data.

    • Apply statistics to solve real-world problems.

    • Effective use of different statistical packages.

    • Short courses and workshops to improve statistics capacity.

    • Learning how to communicate and collaborate with non-statisticians and using statistics and data science to help solve real-world problems.

Professor Osama A. Hussien
AU-LISA Coordinator

Dr. Ahmed Alkatory
AU-LISA Deputy Coordinator

Dr. Bassant Alkalza
Lab Mentor