3rd LISA 2020 Symposium

“Connecting to Build Capacity to Transform Evidence into Action & Celebrate the International Year of Women in Statistics and Data Science” 

(October 2020 – May 2021)

Data Science is crucial for enabling and accelerating research and informing policy decisions. The LISA 2020 program trains local statisticians in developing countries to collaborate with researchers and policy makers to transform evidence into action for development. 

The 3rd annual LISA 2020 Symposium is a hybrid event with remote plenary sessions hosted via Zoom with several locally organized in-person events. This remote and in-person Symposium will build on the successes of the 1st Symposium held in 2017 in Marrakech, Morocco and the 2nd Symposium held in 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Regional LISA 2020 Symposium Events:

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Local LISA 2020 Symposium Events: