2020 Plenary 5: Technology and Multimedia


November 5, 2020

“Technology and Multimedia in Statistical Education and Collaboration” organized and chaired by Dr. Ezra Gayawan, FUTA-LISA (Nigeria)


Technology and multimedia are fast becoming popular and effective means of teaching, learning, and collaboration, and the latter is an important component of solving today's real and complex problems. The proliferation of these media has bred online virtual communities, thus removing barriers between people and places. The presentation session will be in three-fold where the first presenter will talk on collaboration and teamwork in statistical education, followed by a talk on technology and multimedia in communicating statistics and data science, while the final talk will focus on technology and multimedia in statistical collaboration.

Omodolapo Somo-Aina "Collaboration and Teamwork in Statistical Education"

The second, Seyifunmi Michael Owoeye "Technology and Multimedia in Communicating Statistics and Data Science"

The third, Oluwatobi Michael Adeloju " Technology and Multimedia in Statistical Collaboration"