2020 Plenary 2021-2: Statistical Literacy in the Wider Society


Wednesday, 17 February 2021: 14:00-15:30 UTC

“Statistical Literacy in the Wider Society,” organized and chaired by Dr. Serifat Folorunso, UI-LISA

Summary: This session focuses on the importance of statistics in society for measuring socioeconomic indicators of individual well-being and subsequent use of these in policymaking at the national, regional, and international levels. It aims to highlight how knowledge of modern statistical methods helps business and industry to make forecasts and avoid uncertainty and risk, evaluate productivity and employment strategies in economic sectors, and its use as a discipline in universities to promote activities related to research and development. Statistical literacy involves raising awareness about the importance of statistics, how models are used to simulate random phenomena and how data are produced to estimate probabilities. Essentially, it is about the use of statistical tools and language in society. In most developing countries, statistics is undervalued.


1. Dr. Oluwaseun A. Otekunrin (Senior Lecturer in University of Ibadan, A member of UI-LISA network)

Topic 1: Statistical Literacy and Domain Experts: Evidence from UI-LISA Clients

2. Mr. Saheed Abiodun Afolabi (UI-LISA team member, & MSc Graduate Statistics, University of Ibadan)

Topic 2: Media presentation of Statistical reports: How adequate and accurate?

3. Mr. Morufu Folorunso (Lecturer at Federal School of Statistics, Ajibode, Ibadan, Nigeria)

Topic 3: The Challenges of effective planning in the developing countries: An appraisal of Statistical Literacy.