Spatial Statistics Laboratory at the
State University of Western Paraná, Brazil

LISA 2020 Network Full Member: 2020

Vision and Mission:

  • To provide conditions and opportunities for researchers, professors, students, and public and private companies to gain statistical knowledge and experience in research projects applied to the real world, especially in the agricultural and economic fields;

  • To train students and professionals in the use of free statistical software, in didactic statistical modules in the teaching of statistical methods and modeling, and spatial statistics;

  • To prepare the students and professionals with a critical point of view to make decisions in their area of activity, using statistics;

  • To develop studies of basic probability, and statistical inference, regression models, multivariate statistics, quality control, spatial statistics, spatial correlation, and construction of maps for surface data using big data;

  • To give consultancy, mainly in the fields of regression models, multivariate statistics, quality control, and spatial statistics. However, we are open to solve real problems that require different statistical methodologies;

  • To be a hub of statistical consultancy, nationally and internationally.

Spatial Statistics Laboratory-LEE is characterized by the integration of undergraduate students through scientific initiation projects with graduate students, as well as by developing projects in statistical methods, statistical modeling, precision agriculture, and spatial data analysis to solve real problems with great impact to the society and especially in agricultural, and economic fields.

Miguel Angel Uribe Opazo, Ph.D.
LEE Coordinator

Responsible for the area of Spatial Statistics, mopazo@uol.com.br

Luciana Pagliosa Carvalho Guedes, Ph.D.
LEE Leader

Responsible for the area of Statistical Methods, luciana pagliosa@hotmail.com

Weimar Freire Rocha Jr., Ph.D.
LEE Leader

Responsible for the area of Agro-Industrial Development, wrochajr2000@gmail.com

Fernanda De Bastiani, Ph.D.
LEE Leader

Responsible for the area of Statistical Modeling; UFPE, fernanda.bastiani@ufpe.br

Carla A. Vivacqua, Ph.D.,
LEE Mentor

Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Department of Statistics, Laboratory for Applied Statistics (LEA)

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