Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan
LISA 2020 Network Full Member: 2020

Vision: To produce trained statisticians capable to serve as interdisciplinary collaborators for quantitative research. Engage other disciplines to improve statistical knowledge and computing skills.

LISA-LCWU is established under the umbrella of Statistics Department of LCWU. Statistics is recognized as a subject to solve real world problems and every statistician is contacted every now and then by professionals from other areas to analyze and interpret their data. With flourishing research culture in Pakistan there is a significant increase in the number of Ph.D.s awarded out of Pakistani universities and demand for statistical consulting has risen. LISA-LCWU is established to cater that demand of researchers within and outside university.

Objectives of LISA-LCWU are:

  1. To train the graduate and post graduate students of Statistics for real-life data analysis and enhance statistical computing expertise. It will prepare students of Statistics to compete for good jobs in the market as data scientists that will have higher demand in the next decade.

  2. Providing statistical consulting and data analysis services to graduate and post graduate research scholars, university staff at the campus and the community at large. Particularly it will provide Statistical assistance to those researchers working on grant proposals to include statistical consulting and data-analysis as an item in their research plans.

  3. This stats lab will also arrange on demand workshops on data analysis with the help of statistical software.

  4. Promotion of interdisciplinary and collaborative research culture.

  • Activity at top priority is training of BS and MS statistics (last semester) students to become effective collaborators and data analyst.

  • Second activity on priority list is organizing workshops, trainings and short courses related to statistical literacy and computing for both statisticians and non statisticians.

Dr. Asifa Kamal
Lab Coordinator

Associate Professor of Statistics

Ms. Asma Zeb
Lab Coordinator

Dr. Olawale Awe
Lab Mentor

Anchor University

Professor Dr. Atinuke Adebanji
Lab Mentor

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology