Maseno University, Kenya
LISA 2020 Network Full Member: 2020

Mission: MU-LISA will seek to empower learners to use statistical tools and methods to conduct sound analysis for multi-disciplinary research projects. It will cooperate with other universities, corporate and government institutions for research and informed policy development.

In specific MU-LISA will seek to

  1. Train participants statistical tools

  2. Train participants on application of statistical methods for quantitative and qualitative analysis

  3. Provide a conducive environment for development and conduct of multi-disciplinary research projects

  4. Empower participants to publish in multi-disciplinary refereed journals

  5. Develop educational resources

  6. Collaborate with other universities, corporate and government institutions in different projects

  7. Work with policy makers in using data to enhance development of informed policies

MU-LISA holds short course trainings for students at Maseno University. The trainings focus on Statistical computing skills using Excel and R. MU-LISA is working towards extending their trainings to other Schools and Lecturers in the University, the county and beyond. In addition, members of MU-LISA have been involved in proposal writing.

MU-LISA won the Transforming Evidence to Action Capacity in Higher Education (TEACH) Fund in 2020. The project is titled “Capacity Building on Data Skills at LREB for the Development of a Regional Data Repository”. It involves training members of a county consortium to be able to design and run a data repository for 14 member counties in Western Kenya.

Members of MU-LISA have further collaborated with other agencies where they offered Data Management and Statistical Analysis services. These include:

  1. County Measurement, Learning and Accountability program – USAID Palladium’s Tupime Kaunti project (

  2. Strategic Partnership for the Co-design of an Innovative and scalable ePortfolio ecosystem to improve the quality and visibility of skills (EPICA) (

Dr. Edgar Otumba
Lab Coordinator

Dr. Joyce Otieno
Lab Deputy Coordinator

Professor Olawale Awe
Lab Mentor

Anchor University

Mr. Thomas Mawora
Lab Administrative Contact


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