Maseno University, Kenya
LISA 2020 Network Full Member: 2020

Mission: MU-LISA will seek to empower learners to use statistical tools and methods to conduct sound analysis for multi-disciplinary research projects. It will cooperate with other universities, corporate and government institutions for research and informed policy development. 

In specific MU-LISA will seek to

MU-LISA holds short course trainings for students at Maseno University. The trainings focus on Statistical computing skills using Excel and R. MU-LISA is working towards extending their trainings to other Schools and Lecturers in the University, the county and beyond. In addition, members of MU-LISA have been involved in proposal writing.

MU-LISA won the Transforming Evidence to Action Capacity in Higher Education (TEACH) Fund in 2020. The project is titled “Capacity Building on Data Skills at LREB for the Development of a Regional Data Repository”.  It involves training members of a county consortium to be able to design and run a data repository for 14 member counties in Western Kenya.

Members of MU-LISA have further collaborated with other agencies where they offered Data Management and Statistical Analysis services. These include:

Dr. Edgar Otumba
Lab Coordinator

Dr. Joyce Otieno
Lab Deputy Coordinator

Professor Olawale Awe
Lab Mentor

Anchor University

Mr. Thomas Mawora
Lab Administrative Contact

Contact Information: