Nasarawa State University Keffi, Nigeria
LISA 2020 Network Full Member: 2018

Vision: To develop Statisticians in North Central Nigeria that can easily move from theory to solve real life problems.

To achieve this vision, NSUK-LISA uses the TEAM framework: T-Teach, E-Examples with real life Data, A-Attitudinal Influence, M-Mentoring.

Services: Data Analysis and Capacity Building and development.

NSUK-LISA activities include:

  • Teaching short courses

  • Organizing workshops

  • Engaging in collaboration with non-Statisticians

  • Providing consultancy services

Dr. M.O. Adenomon
Lab Director

Dr. (Mrs.) M.U. Adehi
Lab Deputy Director

Dr. (Mrs.) B. Maijama'a
Lab Deputy Director

Professor O.E. Olubusoye
Lab Mentor

University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Contact Information:

  • Email: adenomonmo@nsuk.edu.ng

  • Phone: +2347036990145

  • Address: RM 19, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, Nasarawa State University, Keffi