Stellenbosch University, South Africa
LISA 2020 Network Full Member: 2020

Vision & Mission:

  1. Building biostatistics capacity at Stellenbosch University and in Africa

  2. Increase the quality and productivity of research in the Faculty and beyond

  3. Increase knowledge and application of modern biostatistical techniques through courses, seminars and workshops

  4. Conduct biostatistical methodological research

  5. Provide statistical consulting and grant preparation assistance services

The SU Biostatistics Unit engages with researchers and students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, to improve statistical literacy via workshops and training sessions, to collaborate on research activities, to conduct and publish methodological research, consult with researchers on biostatistical aspects of their projects, and to train the next generation of biostatisticians.

Ms. Tonya Esterhuizen,
SU-Biostatistics Director

Mrs. Liesel Floor, SU-Biostatistics Administrative Contact