Wolkite University Statistical Consultancy and Collaboration Center, Ethiopia
LISA 2020 Network Full Member: 2017

Vision:  Best quality research for solving societal problem

Mission:  The Statistical Collaboration and Consultancy Center delivers statistical supports to researches for enhancing their quality through consultancy and collaborations with the researchers at the University and giving training related to statistics for staff members and the community.

A statistical consultant provides a range of services to clients including statistical advice on experimental design, sample size estimation, data collection, data processing, data analysis and hypothesis testing and reporting. Clients can came from wide variety of subject areas including business, medicine, environmental and government, but they all have one thing in common; they wish to collect and analysis data to make evidence – based decisions. The use of a statistical system for data analysis affects researchers’ skills and competence in the real world.

The center will deliver statistical services at various stages of a research:

Mohammed Derese
WUCCC Coordinator 2021-2022

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics